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"Born with a facial paralysis, Russell uses the power of music and the story of writing to convey himself."

"If I see farther than others, it's because I stand on the shoulders of giants." -- Issac Newton.








That spells and describes Russell. 

Russell Greer is the example of inspiration and perseverance. He was born with a unique disability that has hindered his expression and talents, but he keeps going. He is optimistic and hopeful.


Not only is Russell a skilled songwriter, he has an Associates Degree as a paralegal.











 Pictured: Russell receiving his college degree in 2015.

Russell hopes to change the world in some positive way, hence his mantra: "Aspire to Inspire Before I Expire". 




As talented and as awesome as Russell is, he is searching for connections to help him achieve his dreams. That's what this website is for: to act as a portfolio for his work and to attract agents, representatives, etc. 

Afterall, it's not what you know -- it's WHO you know. 

He hopes that you like his portfolio of work. 


pic 1.JPG
Russell Greer 2015 College Graduation
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